"There is a pair of files in the style\vanilla folder called scenery.common.ovl and scenery.unique.ovl which appear to have been used in the past to hold information about the scenery objects in the game. They arent used anymore but what I did find is a reference to a folder called Style\Vanilla\Events\EarthQuake (which is not included in any known version of RCT3)
Looking further shows a reference to an icon (also not present in any data files) and a text string for the name (which IS present) which says "Cityscape earthquake"
It appears as though at once point there was a plan to have a "cityscape earthquake" ride event.
Why it wasnt included I dont know but from looking at the data it appears as though they got as far as having something in-game they could place into a park and use. (which may have been a mockup or may have been complete)The files containing the 3D models and textures for the earthquake one are not available with any version of RCT3 so the model cant be reinstated."Jonwil 2005

Partially Removed FeaturesEdit


The icon above was found by Jonwil when Soaked! The First RCT3 Expansion was released. It is in the file Poolicons.common.ovl and isn't used in the game. An interview states that Frontier were playing with the idea that you would have to build a whole network of pipes so that you could get water into your pools and to the top of slides.
Eventually they scrapped this idea, but that image was probably left in there from any work they had already done on that feature.

Easter EggsEdit

  • The sentence "they found me in a handbag on Paddington station..." (a reference to Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest) is featured in the rct3.exe file as hex values.
  • You can find all sorts of references to both RCT 1 & 2 just by zooming into various peeps, rides, booths, attractions, etc... Most notable and easily found in RCT3 are graphics of the logos of RCT 1+2, as well as the Atari logo. Find them both on peep's shirts, and even on the displays at the t-shirt stalls. HINT: =Pause= the game to find this sort of stuff clearly

  • If you go to the haunted house on hill which is located in the spooky scenery and you zoom in so you can see the gravestones. Written on one of them is the logo of RCT2.

  • When you see one of the guests holding a balloon, click it to pop it, they will act surprised for a moment and then keep walking along.
  • The Park Inspector has an actual ID card Pinned to his Jacket. It is rumoured that the photocard image is john wardley.
  • Click on one of the ducks... they will either quack, have their feathers come off or stop flying for a second.
  • In the second park in Career Mode, scroll to the top left corner of the screen until you see a little generic building, there will be a thug with a gun in it and it will be shooting in random directions.