The Options.txt cheats are small text snippets placed in a text file in RCT3 in order to change the way the game works.

Where to find it?Edit

On XP your options.txt file is found in:

C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\Application Data\Atari\RCT3\Options.txt

On Vista/7/8/8.1/10 it's a little more complex:

Make sure you have hidden files and folders visible then go to

C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Atari\RCT3

On macOS/OS X the file is in your documents folder:

Replace "Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum" with the correct edition

Users/[your username]/Documents/Aspyr/Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum/AppData/Atari/Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum


JohncJ has created a handy tool for editing the options.txt file which can be found at an old archive of his site (below)

JohnCJ's Options Editor

The RCT3 options editor was written by John Jarman in C++, using WinAPI for the GUI. It is free for anyone to use, reproduce or redistribute - provided that the redistribution is also free and that the original creator is credited. Source Code is available on request.

What each Checkbox DoesEdit

Option What It Does
Allow attractions to intersect scenery Allows a rollercoaster (or other ride) to go through scenery - not the other way round!
Allow attractions and scenery to intersect terrain Allows rollercoasters and other rides, as well as scenery, to go through the ground
Allow track to intersect itself Lets a track go through itself. Sometimes might let one tracked ride intersect a different one.
Guests have no cameras Does exactly what is says on the tin.
Advanced Physics No-one actually knows what this one does- if you think you've found out, e-mail me! (email address in readme)
Guests have no camcordes Self explanatory
Guests ride unrated rides Guests ride rides that haven't been tested
Guests ignore nausea rating Guests will ride rides with ANY nausea rating at all- from 1.2 to 1200000!
Guests ignore ride price Guests will pay any price for any ride without complaining
Guests ignore ride intensity Guests will ride rides with ANY intensity rating at all- from 1.2 to 1200000!
Guests have fixed health Guests' health will not be affected by rides, surroundings etc.
Skip start banner sequence Skips the series of banners that appear when you start the game (Atari, Frontier etc.)
Disable Weather Every scenario has sandbox style weather
Allow testing of all tracked rides Allows testing in all conditions. You may not notice much difference.
Track Edit Backwards Like RCT2 Uncertain. It might be that when you start editing track, the select starts facing backwards
Rides Have High Reliablity This one gives rides high reliability, but when they do break down, you have to manually call mechanics from the control panel, the rides will no longer automatically call mechanics.
Disable Automatic Peep Injection Stops peeps being generated - similar to the Ghost Town cheat.
Debug Aids Activates debugging aids in the game.

Most Widely Used CheatsEdit

AttractionSceneryAllowTerrainIntersect Allows Scenery To Intserect with terrain


Allows Scenery To Intserect with other scenery
Allows Track to intersect with itself.

These cheats are activated when either a 1 (ON) OR 0 (OFF) is added with a space between the cheat and the parameter For example

"TrackAllowSameTrackIntersect 1"

Original ListEdit

These cheats are enabled in the file by setting their Parameters 0 or 1 unless otherwise specified.

Parameters are separated by spaces, like so:
"Swaying3dTrees 0"

  • Brightness [0.0 to 1.0]
  • MultiSample [0 for none, 1..N otherwise]
  • AdvancedPhysics
  • PathEditorCameraFollow
  • PathEditorGUIMode
  • TrackEditBackwardsLikeRCT2
  • Firsttime
  • SkipCacheWarming [<float> in seconds]
  • TrackEditorMovesCamera
  • ShowTrackSectionSymbolNames
  • AllowTestAllTrackedRides
  • PauseOnLoseFocus
  • TrackAllowSameTrackIntersect
  • AttractionSceneryAllowSceneryIntersect
  • AttractionSceneryAllowTerrainIntersect
  • DynamicBatchTriCutoff
  • StaticBatchTriCutoff [<tricount>]
  • DetailMapTerrain
  • AutoScrollAtEdge
  • LevelTerrainUnderTracks
  • SmoothDuringAutoLevel
  • AutoLevelTerrain
  • Swaying3dTrees
  • HighQualityTrees
  • ImportMyMusic
  • RidesDontBreakDown
  • GuestsHaveNoCamcorders
  • GuestsHaveNoCameras
  • GuestsRideUnratedRides
  • GuestsRevisitRides
  • GuestsIgnoreRideCost
  • GuestsIgnoreNausea
  • GuestsIgnoreRideIntensity
  • GuestsHaveFixedHealth
  • GeometryImposterTolerance
  • SceneryVisibilityAlpha
  • Bloom
  • ModulateX2
  • Shadows
  • CameraUserControlMode [<0, 1, 2, 3?>]
  • CameraIsometricContols
  • CameraIsometricView
  • CameraFocusIsMiddleScreen
  • DistantMountains
  • ReflectBackground
  • MaxTerrainTypes
  • DisableHorizonMapping
  • DisableAutoAnimalInjection
  • SkipBannerSequence
  • SkipStartScreen
  • RideLOD (Level Of Detail)
  • TrackLOD
  • SupportLOD
  • BuildingLOD
  • FenceLOD
  • MaxMusic [Maximum simultaneous music]
  • MaxSounds [Maximum number of sounds]
  • MusicVolume [Music volume (000-100)]
  • GUIVolume [GUI volume (000-100)]
  • GameVolume [Game volume (000-100)]
  • TemperatureUnits [0 for Celcius, 1 for Fahrenheit]
  • Units [0 for metric, 1 for imperial, 2 for SI]
  • Currency [0-9 for £, $, €, ¥, Kr, NT$, AU$, NZ$, HK$ or SG$]
  • ScreenGFDriver [0 for GF2, 1 for GF4]
  • ScreenPixelFormat [0 for A8R8G8B8,1 for R5G6B5,2 for X8R8G8B8]
  • Fullscreen
  • Resolution [<x> <y>]

Soaked Addon CheatsEdit

  • [<keyId> <keySequence>] Keys
  • [language?] Language
  • ["Title of background music file"?] BackgroundMusic
  • ShowPersonStateToConsoleButton
  • Bool_AutoDetectBatchCutoff
  • WaterDroplets
  • DebugAids
  • EnablePointerLight
  • ShowSkirtTrees
  • MovieCaptureAVI
  • TrackForceCanStart
  • PoolEditorDrawGrid
  • PoolPathEditorGuiMode
  • PathEditorCameraFollow
  • PathEditorGuiMode
  • TakeVistaPointPhotos
  • TakeCoasterPhotos
  • TakeAllPhotos
  • AggressiveZBias
  • EnableIME
  • LaserRayHit
  • Refraction
  • Bloom
  • ModulateX2
  • InvertRideCamYAxis
  • BlendSceneryLODs
  • CompressTextures
  • CameraIgnoresScenery
  • WaterFlowEnvMap
  • Sky
  • Clouds
  • CorrectDayNightCycle
  • GrowGrass
  • ReflectParticles
  • ReflectPeople
  • ReflectScenery
  • ReflectTerrain
  • ReflectInMultipleSurfaces
  • WaterBumpEnable ReflectEnable
  • DisableWeather
  • DisableAutoPersonInjection
  • SkipBannerSequence
  • TrackedRideUpdateFreq [+ve for fixed fps, -ve for capped fps (?)]
  • GeometryImposterTolerance [<Tolerance>]
  • GeometryImposterDistance [<Distance>]
  • SceneryVisibilityAlpha [<Alpha>]
  • SceneryLOD [<LOD> (?)]
  • PathLOD [<LOD> (?)]
  • VegetationLOD [<LOD> (?)]
  • AnimalLOD [<LOD> (?)]
  • GuestLOD [<LOD> <ViewDistance> (?)] (?)]
  • GraphicsQuality [0-4 or 5 for Custom]
  • AlphaRemap
  • AutoLODDensityEnd
  • Density AutoLODDensity
  • ShadowsType
  • ShadowsDetails
  • Shadows
  • CameraControls [0/1/2]