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Revoultionary Rides is a group of RCT3 players that create new and innovative Custom Tracked Ride cars (CTRs).

The group is made up of ImagineerJohn, Fisherman, Gadget, Markus Lomberg and Jonnyears.


They have released numerous CTRs (Custom Tracked Rides) such as:

  • MM-DR
  • AP-DR
  • X-DR
  • FF-DR
  • Omnimovers
  • Mine Bender


The team have also created numerous high quality flat rides such as:

  • I-Glide
  • Drop Tower
  • Kiddie Towers
  • Teacups
  • Flying Jumbos

Custom TrackEdit

Main article : Custom Track

Markus Lomberg of the RR team created the first publicly released custom track. However, he was not the first to create a track as Belgabor internally produced some tracksections of his own in late 2008.

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