Jonwil was the primary developer of the RCT3 Custom Scenery Importer, which has since undergone changes and improvements.

Jonwil is often considered to be the user who brought about the start of Custom Content in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

The Importer and The DumperEdit

Jonwil created the RCT3 Scenery Importer. The early versions of the importer were very limited and alot harder to use than the latest importer version.


  • He made a lot of important discoveries, some of which were forgotten about and rediscovered years later. One example of this is

'How to put cars on other tracks'. Jonwil discovered this at least 3 years before it was rediscovered.

  • He also discovered how to change track textures many years before it was rediscovered by another forum member after jonwil had become inactive.
  • He discovered some strange files in the game files which you can read about on the Weird Facts page.

Time of activityEdit

Jonwil was an active member at the original Atari Community site from 2002 - 2007

  • His profile can be found here.